The Path of the Witch

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Not a magical order in and of itself, the Path of the Witch is more a series of superstitions, folk lores, and traditions handed down over generations. No single person is responsible for this path, as it is a hegemony of different practices which have been refined for the purpose of protecting the local community. The secrets of this art are closely guarded and not lightly shared with other paths. Through trial and error, this paths hard-earned lore has granted witches the secrets of creating wards and talismans to protect against the supernatural, and while other sorcerers often publically scoff at the knowledge of a local witch, many would still wish to learn the arts perfected by this tradition.

A witch will often take two apprentices, teaching their lore in the hopes at least one of their students will become a witch and pass on their lore. Apprentices are sworn to secrecy, as the body of lore that has been gathered by the witches of this tradition could earn then many enemies knowing the secret weaknesses of monsters and mortals alike is not something to be taken lightly, and many Entities, if they were to learn that their vulnerabilities were known, would take great pains to destroy those who might have that knowledge.

The witch may choose to call an animal companion to them as a familiar. This companion acts as a servant and guide, and is fanatically loyal to the witch.