The Azure Path

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Perhaps one of the most potent paths of sorcery known in Kith Kanaan, the Azure Path was founded by the dragon queen Asurra. A powerful sorceress in her own right, Asurra developed this path of sorcery by studying the foundations of the Tapestry. To her reckoning, while the threads of the Tapestry combine with one another to lay out Creation, the weave itself must be anchored to a series of powerful forces. These forces, she discovered, were the elohim, a group of powerful entities which exist beyond the Furthest Shores of the spirit world. Though her methods are unclear, Asurra was able to create a series of pacts with the elohim, allowing her sorcery to manipulate the Tapestry by invoking the names of the elohim. Further study proved to her that the movements of the Tapestry were connected to the celestial bodies, allowing her to refine power granted by this path.

Apprentices are trained by someone of at least Magician rank, and are expected to become well versed in astrology and geomancy. The apprentice is expected to study and memorize the names of the stars and planets visible from Creation, and be able to chart their movements and predict astrological phenomenon. Once the magician is satisfied, the apprentice begins to learn the process of creating circles and how to invoke the elohim names to assist in ritual magic. The final test comes when the apprentice is told to summon their patronus, an avatar of the elohim who judges whether the apprentice will be a suitable magician or not. If the patronus approves, the apprentice is allowed to progress in their studies as they desire.

Magicians are very competitive, attempting to further their mastery of the path while exploring the edges of Creation. To an Azure mage, knowledge is meant to be discovered, and the varied Realms that border Creation are to be explored and categorized. Knowledge is sacred to the sorcerers of this path, and those magicians who can prove their intellect and lore are respected by their peers. A magician who does not show ambition and a thirst for knowledge are considered an embarrassment to their mentor, and are usually barred from access to the stores of books and relics discovered by other magicians of the path.


   Cerulean Apprentice
   Lapis Magician
   Sapphire Magician
   Cobalt Magician