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Until about forty years ago, the nation of Tarantis was under Joshuite control. This changed when the avatar of Mana appeared in Tarantis, and her faith was accepted by the royal family. The Arin religion was accepted until approximately fifteen years ago, when the Guilds took over, re-establishing the Joshuite faith as the predominant religion. In recent years, the Shekhina Heresy was discovered, a combination of the teachings of Mana and Maya, blended with the reverence of Shekhina as Adonai’s wife and equal. While the Joshuite faith is the dominant religion, there is still some worship of Mana and the other members of the Arin faith, though the it is not tolerated.


Religion, arts, and sciences are considered of great import in Tarantis. The Joshuite faith has nearly full control in the nation, and funds the art and sciences, in their goal to solve the ‘riddle’ presented to them by Adonai. Those who do not follow the teachings of Adonai are seen as heretics, or at least as pagans. Those cultures which do not push the boundaries of education and the arts are seen as backwards and primitive, and wealth and influence are seen as nearly as important as piety and learning.


Combine the Dutch with the Hanseatic League. Add to this with some of the politics and manoeuvring of the Merchant Princes in Renaissance Italy, and add the British monarchy, and you have a fair assessment of the state of the nation.

Common Names

Most people have a first and last name, the last name indicating the family the person is descended from. Most last names may be used as first names as well: Lock Keaton for example.

Male: Alvin, Archer, Beckett, Brandon, Chance, Clark, Dalton, Donovan, Edwin, Elmer, Fairfax, Forrest, Gillies, Gordon, Hamilton, Hutton, Indiana, Ivory, Jamar, Jet, Keaton, Kenneth, Knox, Langley, Lock, March, Moore, Nelson, Noble, Odell, Osborn, Penn, Price, Quinian, Radford, Reeves, Sawyer, Shayne, Talbot, Thorn, Upton, Usher, Valiant, Vinson, Wade, Wayne, Yancy, Yardley, Zandall, Zane

Female: Amber, April, Beverley, Blithe, Cadence, Charity, Daisy, Destiny, Ebony, Elle, Faith, Fawn, Godiva, Goldie, Harley, Hope, Imogen, Ivy, Jade, Jewel, Kerry, Kimberley, Lark, Leanne, Meadow, Miracle, Nereida, Nova, Obedience, Patience, Pearl, Rain, Raven, Sable, Serenity, Tawny, Temperance, Unity, Verity, Vienna, Whitney, Willow, Yadira, Zula