Shire Lands

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The Shire Lands

Ruler: ???
Religion: Mixed

The region that became known as the Shire Lands was founded by a figure known as the Blue Wizard shortly after the Age of Dragons. The Blue Wizard carved out a territory for herself, and defended it against incursion from the fledgling kingdoms which were forming nearby. She imbued her elite defenders, known as the Peace Keepers, to defend her territory and to enforce her laws – and then she vanished.

The Peace Keepers have been ruling the Shire Lands in her name ever since. The territory of the Shire Lands has expanded, absorbing independent regions over time, then stabilizing their borders. As the population has increased, the region has adapted, with one major city – the Shire, becoming the central diplomatic and trade hub. The Shire is central to a number of nations, and thus sees major activity.


The Shire is nominally a Joshuite nation, though there is strong influences from the Arin faith, which has grown rapidly in the region. In addition, the Shire is the heart of the Rymnian faith, as this is where the gate to Rym has been opened.


The Shire is very cosmopolitan, though there is some racial prejudices against those with demonic blood. This has been aggravated in the last few years, and with the destruction of Argus, those who practice magic are watched a little more closely. Beyond that, the Shire has open doors to anyone who passes through.

Sacred Virtues of the Shire

The Peacekeepers hold to fifteen virtues, laid out by the Blue Wizard. When a Peacekeeper takes their Oaths, these are the virtues they are expected to uphold.

  • Auctoritas “Spiritual Authority”

One must be aware of the authority one has, developed through experience, the fulfilment of one’s duties, and hard work. The individual should show this authority in such a manner as to inspire others to follow his example, working hard, fulfilling their own duties, and acting proper.

  • Comitas “Humour”

One should be of good manners, courteous, open to others, and friendly. Such actions help inspire others to act the same. The individual who practices this virtue can only spread humour to those they meet.

  • Clementia “Mercy”

One should show mercy to those who ask of it, and forgiveness to those who are penitent. The individual is gentle to the delicate and should have an even temper.

  • Dignitas “Dignity”

One must act to maintain their personal dignity and respect the dignity of others. One acts to maintain suitability to their station, worthiness, impressiveness and distinction. They should appear and act in accordance to their rank and social standing, keep themselves in good esteem, and act with honour. Dignitas is the sum of the personal clout and the influence of the individual, and involves their reputation, their moral and ethical worth, and the respect, treatment, and entitlement they deserve.

  • Firmitas “Tenacity”

One should hold to the purpose one sets for themselves. When a course of action is decided, the individual keeps to that course, showing dedication and a strength of mind.

  • Frugalitas “Frugalness”

One should live simply, without excess. The individual lives in accordance to their means, and without extravagance, but neither should they be miserly.

  • Gravitas “Gravity”

One should always understand the importance of the matter at hand. The individual acts with responsibility and earnestness when it is called for.

  • Honestas “Respectability”

One should maintain the image of being a respectable member of society, presenting themselves as an example and inspiration for others.

  • Humanitas “Humanity”

One must learn to act as a part of society, becoming learned and helping to advance civilization. The individual acts with refinement and becomes cultured.

  • Industria “Industriousness”

One must work hard to help keep the community strong. The individual does not shirk from their duties and performs their duties regardless of difficulty.

  • Pietas “Dutifulness”

One must respect the natural order. In religion, one respects the gods. In politics, one respects their leaders. In society, one respects their fellows and accepts the role each person holds to ensure that society can function. The individual is a patriot.

  • Prudentia “Prudence”

One must practice wisdom, and act with foresight rather than with impulse. It is important that the individual acts with personal discretion, and does not act rashly.

  • Salubritas “Wholesomeness”

One must practice cleanliness, taking care of themselves and their homes. The individual looks after their health and the health of those under them and does not destroy their bodies or their minds with excesses.

  • Severitas “Sternness”

One acts with self control and discipline, and understands when matters are serious. The individual acts appropriate to the situation they are in, showing proper gravity for the circumstances that surround them.

  • Veritas “Truthfulness”

One acts honestly when dealing with others, and are honest with themselves. The individual does not practice deception, keeping their word and upholding any oath or promise they make.

Common Names

Below are a partial list of the common names in the Shire, though due to the Shire being central to a number of other regions, they often ‘borrow’ names from these other nations as well. As such, names from Anaitha, Drachen, Tarantis, and even Anansie are possible. The concept of ‘family names’ exists here, and as such most people have a given name, followed by a family name.

Male: Alan, Ashton, Benjamin, Bradshaw, Carlton, Caspian, Dalton, Dwayne, Elliot, Everley, Fisk, Forrest, Gardner, Gavin, Hamlet, Howard, Iggy, Irving, Jenner, Justice, Karman, Keaton, Lance, Leigh, March, Matthew, Nelson, Norman, Oliver, Osborn, Patrick, Pierce, Radley, Randall, Shaun, Sinclair, Talbot, Taylor, Ulmer, Ulric, Valiant, Vance, Wade, Walter, Yale, York, Zach, Zebediah

Female: Adeline, Alissa, Bethany, Brittany, Carolyn, Charity, Dawn, Drew, Ember, Evangeline, Faith, Fawn, Glory, Grace, Harmony, Hope, Irisa, Ivy, Janine, Joyce, Kathryn, Kiandra, Leanna, Lesley, Madelyn, Marian, Nancy, Nicki, Odelia, Olivia, Paige, Prudence, Quilla, Raven, Rosemary, Sabriel, Scarlett, Tamera, Temperance, Valarie, Vanessa, Wendy, Wren, Yale, Yeardley, Zara, Zeal