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The people of R’Tal believe in hospitality and are friendly, up to and until the point that the sun sets. After that, the citizens of R’Tal suddenly become suspicious and will not trust anyone that they do not know themselves. This change of personality is more than a little influenced by the strength of the realm of Shadow, but is also a strong survival mechanism. People who enter R’Tal under the cover of night are met with suspicion during the day unless another citizen can speak for the outsiders. The Sinti are seen with a sense of superstitious awe, and are never treated badly. Unicorns are treated as nobility, as the Queen is a unicorn, and griffins are treated with a powerful prejudice and universally hated due to R’Tal’s war with Cordona.


Architecture in R'Tal is somewhat gothic, with many tall buildings with flying buttresses, pointed roofs, intricate wrought-iron gates and railings, narrow windows, and gargoyles on many rooftops. Most streets are cobbled, and lit by gaslight from early evening to late morning.


Among the middle and upper class, the men and women of R'Tal are known for dark clothing, usually violet, navy, or black. Fog coats are common among men with high collars and buttons on the front, and elaborate hats exist for both sexes. Women tend to wear tight-waisted dresses often buttoned down the front. They also wear long full skirts with bustles. Men and women often wear gloves.