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The Heartlands

Ruler: None
Religion: Ravana, Joshuite (Contested)

The blasted ruins of the Heartlands is a testament to the Joshuite faith. Here, Joshua was murdered by the rukshasa, and Adonai’s wrath destroyed the region, leaving nothing for Ravana to claim. Ravana still holds the land however, his rukshasa and the angels that fell with him waging an eternal war against the angels of Adonai. Here, those who revere Joshua continue their epic struggle to claim the land once more from the demon king.

What was once a land of plenty has become cracked, shattered land where nearly nothing grows. Lightning crackles across a perpetually cloudy sky, painting the landscape in strange colours as the angels battle above. Scattered through the landscape are pikes, jutting from the ground, where the dead and dying lay hung, a testament to the war which has been waged for centuries.


The land is unclaimed by any, though Ravana would perhaps contest this statement. There is no ruler of the Heartlands, but it is nominally controlled by the Joshuite faith, as Ravana is a creature of that religion.


This land is not for mortals, though there are military encampments around the edges of the battlefield. Joshuites from across the continent come to lend what aid they can, and to watch for signs that they are needed. Some enter the landscape, with attempts to rescue the angels who have been pinned, while others hunt down demons who venture too close to the edge of the battleground. Those not of the faith are not welcome here, and the servants of Ravana who do appear are quickly destroyed.


Essentially, this would be the plains of Gehenna, where Ravana and Adonai’s servants battle one another in perpetuity.

Common Names

A child is granted a name by their father, and uses ben <father’s name> to indicate their lineage. If the name that comes after is the mother’s name, it indicates that the child is illegitimate, and is often an insult to the child. Most men in this region adopt such children quickly, having them sanctified by the ministers of the Joshuite church, lest they be tempted away by the minions of Ravana.

Male: Aaron, Ariel, Bartholomew, Breindel, Cain, Caleb, Daniel, David, Elisha, Emanuel, Feivel, Gideon, Gilead, Hannibal, Hiram, Ichabod, Ishmael, Jacob, Jared, Kaleb, Koren, Lazarus, Levy, Malachi, Michael, Nathan, Nimrod, Onan, Orly, Phineas, Psalm, Raphael, Reuben, Samuel, Solomon, Tobias, Toviel, Uriah, Uriel, Yagil, Yeriel, Zachary, Zion

Female: Adriel, Arielle, Bathsheba, Breindel, Cayla, Chaya, Danielle, Delilah, Eden, Elisabeth, Fruma, Galia, Gelilah, Hannah, Hila, Ira, Ivria, Jessica, Judith, Keren, Kochava, Leah, Liora, Mariam, Mary, Naomi, Natania, Ophira, Orinda, Rachel, Rebecca, Sarah, Susan, Tabitha, Temira, Uri, Urit, Yael, Yana, Zion, Zuriel.