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The Island of D’Remes

Ruler: Raveena, Incarna of Mana
Religion: Arin (Mana)

The Land of Mists is nominally a part of Aregon, but is distinct enough to be considered its own place. The island rests in the middle of the chain of Aregon’s islands, a place shrouded in perpetual mist, where ships may be lost for days or years before coming out again, the sailors unchanged by time.

The land has been described in countless stories, and it looks different with every telling. Some describe deep woods where the fair folk play, while others describe impossibly large castles and elaborate courts. Others describe mountains with perpetual storms blowing around the peaks, while others describe plains of endless snow and ice. Any of these stories may be true, as the land responds to the needs of the Goddess who rules there.


In essence, the Island of D’Remes is home of Mana, the Goddess of Magic. The Land of Mists is her haven, where the mythical races and the faerie races mingle and run free. There is no ‘nation’, no ‘king’ or ‘queen’ in D’Remes, though there are legends of the faerie hosts holding court with the blessing of the Goddess.


The mythic land of Avalon is the inspiration for D’Remes, an island of eternal youth, and a place of heroes and myths come to life. None who search for D’Remes will find it unless the Goddess wishes them to. This is her seat of power.

Common Names

A child uses the word ‘ap <father’s name>’ if male, or ‘ap <mother’s name>’ of a woman. In some cases, the name is simply changed, replacing the first letter with a ‘P’, such that ‘Parry’ is ‘son of Harry’ or ‘Powell’ is ‘son of Howell’.

Male: Arawn, Avon, Bowen, Broderick, Caradoc, Ceron, Dillon, Dylan, Emlyn, Evan, Gareth, Gwydion, Howell, Ilar, Iorwen, Jones, Kent, Kynan, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Maddock, Mervyn, Nye, Owen, Parry, Powell, Reese, Rhoslyn, Taliesin, Tudor, Urian, Wynn, Wynne, Yestin

Female: Aelwen, Arwen, Blodwyn, Branwen, Catrin, Crwys, Dwyn, Dylan, Eirwyn, Emlyn, Gaenor, Gwendolyn, Hafwen, Heulwen, Ilar, Kieve, Lowri, Lunet, Mairwen, Morgana, Nerys, Nia, Olwen, Owena, Parry, Raewyn, Rhianna, Seren, Sian, Talaith, Tegan, Wynn, Wynne