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The Empire of Cordona

Ruler: None (Nominally: Alexander Plume)
Religion: None
The former Empire of Cordona was ruled be Reginald Plume. The Plume family were a bloodline of griffins who had usurped the previous rulers of the nation, taking over Cordona using trickery and with the aid of Infernal and Undead allies. The region was destroyed when a circle of infernalists attempted to destroy Anansie by performing a hybrid spell using the Aria and Infernalism, but were foiled before the spell could be completed. Currently, the Cordona region is a crater, surrounded by broken lands. A section of Cordona has sunk into the sea, leaving a chain of islands in its wake. This bay is known as the Cordona Gap. The Cordona region is infested with undead and demons. It is currently under attack from the Kingdom of R’Tal to the north, and by the Anansie survivors to the west. There are a number of infernal lords present in Cordona, having survived the destruction of the region, and are competing for control.
Characters from Cordona that are younger than thirty-five years of age are probably one of the families who were scattered into other nations. A character who takes this Nationality has strong traditional loyalties to the noble or merchant families from Cordona – they are very unlikely to come from Cordona itself. The people from Cordona are called Aranish.


Before the destruction of the Empire, Cordona held no official religion, though the Arin Faith held some presence. The worship of Sanguine was the most prominent of the Arin Faith, as the Blood Goddess was worshipped by a number of infernal cults and assassins as the ultimate killer. The Brotherhood of the Book played a lesser role in Cordona, their presence mostly accepted by the merchant class for aiding them against the predations of the nobility and in searching for those who went missing. The most prominent Cult however, were the Order of the Bone, who espoused that the infernal were a part of the natural order, guiding the world into the next Age.


The survivors of Cordona are a mixed lot. The upper class believes in their absolute right to rule, even while they are scattered into other nations. They are a people of privilege, accepting that they are above the law – which has caused a serious headache for the nations which harbour them. The lower classes are more practical, and have found that living without the fear of being captured and devoured by demons and undead, or abused by the nobility, to be a welcome change. The merchant class is somewhere in the middle, having fought hard for their niche in Cordona, and the laws that constrain other nations have been somewhat of a burden, even with the increased safety. A number of the displaced merchants have moved into the black markets, including slave trading – which is forbidden in most nations.

Common Names

The last names of people from Cordona are usually the names of a family granted rank or note and placed in charge of their own family. Thus, one person’s first name may become his descendant’s last names. Other last names are titles, either indicating the job performed by someone in the family (such as Tanner) or something of note that the family has done in the past (Wyvernbane).

Male: Bo, Boris, Casimir, Danil, Dmitri, Fadey, Gavril, Jovan, Kolya, Kostya, Lel, Luka, Miroslav, Muncel, Nicholai, Nikita, Oleg, Stanislaus, Stesha, Vanya, Vladimir, Yakov, Zan

Female: Alena, Ania, Bela, Brencis, Chesna, Chessa, Danika, Duscha, Evelina, Idania, Iren, Jasna, Jovanna, Katerina, Kristina, Lana, Lumina, Marija, Mira, Natalia, Nikita, Olga, Ona, Panya, Raina, Sonia, Sveta, Tasya, Triska, Valeska, Vesna, Yanka, Yeva, Zenevieva, Zora